About Us & Board Members


Guardians of a just and fair workplace for Ramsey County employees.

We are AFSCME-Local 8

Our union is not a thing, or some obscure, abstract, untouchable entity that comes down from some mountain high to rescue the defenseless worker.

Local 8 is YOU, ordinary people sharing a common bond of the workplace--Ramsey County; pooling their talents and time to secure fair wages along with safe and respectful working conditions while actually participating in the decisions that affect them at work.

In fact, nothing is accomplished without the efforts of Local 8 members.  Members run the meetings and make the decisions. Members create and maintain our website and social media outlets. Members serve as stewards, who sit with their fellow Ramsey County employees across from supervisors and management to advocate a grievance or challenge unfair labor practices. Local 8 members are at the table with county executives to negotiate our contracts.

By standing together we're effective at fighting for each other, for our families, for higher standards at our jobs and for the resources we need to serve our communities.

Local 8 was chartered by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (aka AFSCME International) in 1937. We at all times are subject to the provisions of the AFSCME International Constitution in addition to the Local 8 Constitution and the local's By-Laws.


AFSCME Council 5 Field Representative for Local 8
Recording Secretary
Chief Steward {non-voting}
Assistant County Attorneys Board Member
Professional Employees Board Member
Public Health Registered Nurses Board Member
General County Board Member
At Large Board Member
At Large Board Member
Trustee {non voting}
Public Defenders Board Member
At Large Board Member
Trustee {non voting}
Trustee {non voting}