The steward is a representative of the labor union in the workplace. Stewards take on a number of roles: providing leadership in the workplace; organizing co-workers to rake collective action; communicating with workers, union leaders and management; and representing members by informing them of their rights. Paramount to the steward's duties is to protect the contract language of the collective bargaining unit.

Send all requests for union respresentation, questions about your union contract, possible violations of your union rights or contract by supervisors/managers to:

[email protected]

Below are the stewards representing AFSCME Local 8.

Tim Blasé651-230-2667Juvenile Detention CenterCommunity Correction Aide 2
Sandra Brincefield651-266-4502Government Center EastPublic Health Nurse
Joan Brown651-266-2672Metro Square-CorrectionsSecretary 2
Frank Cruz651-266-1893Plato-CorrectionsCommunity Correction Aide 2
Julie Fried-Devine651-266-1580Beam Avenue, MaplewoodPublic Health Nurse
Virginia Graham651-224-4363Bigelow-Community Action Partnership Teacher
Mario Lee651-248-2491Sheriff-Water PatrolCommunity Service Officer
Susan Rowan651-266-3328Metro Square-County AttorneySupport Enforcement Agent 2
Dora Taylor651-603-5891Bigelow-Community Action Partnership Teacher
Kate Tchida651-266-3084LowryLegal Secretary